About me?  Always a difficult task.

 I am a wife, mother, daughter, friend and nurse.  

I like shiny things, and I collect Swarovski Crystal.  

I am a reader, partial to mysteries, psychological thrillers, and romance.  

I like to make things, and am currently scrapbooking, learning to crochet,  doing counted cross stitching, and picking calligraphy up again.  

I love watching sports, especially college football, basketball and softball.  I am an Auburn Tigers fan always. I also like the NFL and MLB, golf and tennis.  I have no trouble seeing teams or individuals compete, and immediately picking my favorite, for no rational reason at all.  I do not understand the appeal of NASCAR, boxing, MMA or soccer.  

When I need quiet time to regenerate, to think a problem through, or to be at peace, I head to the beach.

I like to tell stories about happenings, or “moments” in my life.  Many people have suggested that I write some of my memories down.  As I go through life, I understand why writing these memories down is so very important.  So this is my attempt.